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      A: Hi, John! Long time no see. I heard you are studying at Yale, how is everything there?
      B: Hello, Catherine. Everything is fine. Thank you. By the way, I met Tom yesterday and he said you are planning to apply to Yale. Anything I can help?
      A: Yeah, I’m interested in economics and would like to further my study at Yale. You know I’m really fascinated by its education system: for one tning is the emphasis on undergraduate teaching, with so many distinguished knowledgeable professors giving lectures to undergraduate students; then is the vitality of student life. Both academic and extracurricular and the research opportunities are available at Yale University. However, I am a bit confused by the complicated application procedures.
      B: You really shock me. You have already known so much about Yale. It doesn’t matter that you do not know the detailed application procedures. I will explain to you one by one. To be accepted to study at Yale, first of all, interested applicants must apply directly to the school, college, or program where the degree will be awarded.
      我真被你嚇到了,你竟然已經了解了這么多有關耶魯的消息。如果你不清楚具體的申請程序,不要緊啊,我可以一點一點地解釋給你聽。要想來耶魯讀書,首先,對耶魯感興趣的申請者必須直接向學位授予單位——研究生學院、本科生學院或 是項目作出申請。
      A: OK. I see. Then what should I prepare for the application?
      B: The following material is needed for your application. First of all,you should have a secondary school report which consists of a transcript and school counselor recommendation. The transcript is a record of grades achieved over the past three years of schooling. Predicted grades (if applicable) should be included. If you do not have a counselor, the form and recommendation can be filled in by a tutor/house master/ principal/academic advisor or another comparable school official.
      你需要準備好下面這些材料。首先,要準備一份所畢業高中開具的公證,里面要包含一份成績報告單以及一份輔導員介紹信。成績報告單上應該包含你高中三年的各科成績,如果可能的話,還應該包含你的預測成績。要是沒有輔導員,介紹 信也可以由你的家庭教師、舍監、校長、學術顧問或是其他與此相當的學校領導中的一位來代寫。
      A: OK. I'm very lucky that my high school performance was good. My GPA was about 95 and I ranked the second among about 2300 students. So I think I’m the right candidate.
      B: You are really good enough on this respect. Next come the teacher recommendations. Two teacher recommendations are required. Both should be written by recent teachers in academic subjects. You must provide the school with an official English translation of any letters or transcripts not written in English, in addition to the original 6 documents.
      我覺得你已經相當合格了。申請所需的第二項材料是教師推薦信。一共需要兩位老師的推薦信,而且他們必須是最近給你帶過課的老師。此外,除了遞交原件以外, 所有的申請材料都要求提供一份正式的英文翻譯件。
      A: No problem. I will ask my headteacher who knows me quite well and my math teacher to write the recommendations. Is this OK?
      B: Yes. And the last requirement for Chinese students is your grades for SAT Reasoning Test (SAT I) and any combination of two Subject Tests plus tests of your English ability: TOEFL⑦ or IELTS grades. You needn’t worry about the SAT; it is a piece of cake for us Chinese applicants. However, you should pay more attention to the test of the English language. We students at Yale must be able to understand rapid, idiomatic English and to express ourselves easily in both spoken and written English. As part of the assessment of a candidate’s competence in English, Yale strongly recommends TOEFL for any applicant whose first language is not English and who has not received at least two years of his or her secondary education in an English-medium curriculum. For TOEFL, a minimum score of 100 is required on the Web-based TOEFL. For IELTS a minimum score of 7 is required.
      可以。我們中國學生申請耶魯的最后一項要求是SAT I、其他兩門自選科目的成績以及有關英語語言水平測試的成績托?;蛑伤级伎梢?。身為一名中國學生,你不必擔心SAT成績,它對我們來說是小菜一碟。但是你一定要在語言考試上多花點心思,因為耶魯學生必須具備理解快速的、地道的英語的能力,并且不管是在口語還是書面語中都要能夠流利地表達自己的思想。作為衡量申請者英語能力的手段,耶魯強烈推薦那些母語不是英語的以及中學階段學習英語不到兩年的申請者參加托??荚?。耶魯對托福成績的要求是機考最低100分,對雅思成績的最低 要求是7分。
      A: English is my all-time favorite. I’m now busy preparing for TOEFL and there is only two weeks left for the test. I hope I would have a good result and realize my dream at Yale. Thank you very much for you time and patience.
      B: My pleasure. Hope we will meet at Yale. Good Luck!
      A: Thank you. See you at Yale. Bye.
      B: Bye-bye!

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