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      A: (Holding a loudspeaker) Attention, please! Every student, if you are eager to enlarge your horizon and enrich your boring spare time, but you cannot find a proper place to let out your depressed impulse, OK, now it’s high time that you resorted to us-our university’s various students? unions, where, once you are involved in, there will be a lot of opportunities for you to have a large circle of friends very soon!
      B: Excuse me, I am a freshman here, but I am not familiar with the current school life, so most of the time I just have nothing meaningful to do except learning. However, learning all the time sometimes makes me feel depressed and lack a sense of interest. So I am looking for a chance to change this kind of life state...
      A: OK, I have understood your trouble, but don’t worry about that, because what you are encountering now is very common among the freshman, and that’s why we are here to help you, to some degree. As you know, our university has established different kinds of students’ associations, most of them are founded according to the students’ interests. When you really join, you will taste the great joy and delight in the activities held regularly in our campus.
      B: Since you have told me so many benefits of your associations, can you tell more details about them by giving me one specific example? Because I have not grasped the real advantages of them...
      A:Well, I am so sorry about that, I know what I am saying gives you a kind of feeling of blowing my horn ' . So I can explain the details about one association. For example, the English Speaking Society aims at practicing and improving your spoken English. Every week,we will hold this activity in the form of an English Comer to attract the students to join us, so everybody can communicate and express their ideas and thoughts freely and relaxed...
      B: Uh, now I got what you said. It is just a big difference between the ASSOCIATION that is in my mind and one that is in your mouth. Besides, as for the association in my mind, in fact, I myself don't know about it, either. I just heard it from my friend and did a little search on the Internet. At the moment I am having a walk, and coincidently I came across your activity which, I thought, would give me a hand for my perplexity. However, when you explained to me, it is simply far from relevant to that!
      A: ... Uh, I feel rather sorry not being able to give you some valuable information, but can you tell me what kind of association you want to know. Only after you tell me,can I know from which aspect I can solve your problem
      B: Oh, the Association that I mentioned just now is Yali-China Association.Will you have a chance to hear about it?
      A: Yali-China Association, let me see. (Kevin falls into the thought) Ah, with Yali-China Association, do you refer to that organization which is founded in China, but with its headquarters in America?
      B: Wow, you do know about that. That’s great. So can you do me a favor to tell me more about this association, because I have to finish a survey of it as my mid-term paper, which seems to me a hot potato for such a long time.
      A: Well, you know what, that’s a real coincidence. For one of my foreign friends comes from Yale University, now he is studying in China. We keep contact with each other frequently, and he also tells me a lot about Yali-China Association. The Yale-China Association, founded in 1901,is a private, noNPRofit organization with more than a century of experience contributing to the development of education in and about China and to the furtherance of understanding between Chinese and American people. The Yale-China Association was first incorporated as the Yale Foreign Missionary Society, and was known informally as Yale-in-China as early as 1913. It was nondenominadonal from its beginnings and by the 1920s had ceased to be an overtly missionary enterprise. It was re-incorporated in 1934 as a secular organization, the Yale-in-China Association, and in 1975 as the Yale-China Association. At the urging of the home office in New Havn City of New Haven Seal as well as other missionaries in China, the Yale Mission early on assumed more of an educational than evangelical function.
      B: Wow, I don’t know how to express my gratitude to you. You know so much about it that I just cannot write down all of them, because all of the information is quite useful so that I don’t know which part I should omit and which part I should note down. Here, I,ve got an idea. Can we make an appointment some other time if it is convenient for you, so we can have more time to talk? In addition, today, you have told me quite a lot about it and you must be very tired and thirsty...
      哇,我真不知道怎么表達我的感激之情!你說得真夠詳細的,我都來不及記錄下來了。因為這所有的信息都很有用,所以我不知道該刪減或者該記錄哪一部分了。 我有個想法,方便的話,我們何不約個時間呢?這樣我們可以有更多的時間來聊了。而且,你今天綰我講了這么多肯定也又累又渴了……
      A: OK, that sounds nice. And we’d better find another time and place to share so much information about Yali-China Association...

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