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        No one in fashion is surprised that Barberry burnt 28 million of stock

        36.[G]Over- production is perhaps the biggest concern forBurberry . While there has been much outrage at the elitist思connotation of burning goods rather than making them afIpfordable....

        37.[B] The practice of destroying unsold stock , and even rolls of unused fabric ,is commonplace for luxury labels .Becoming too widely available at a cheaper price through discount stores discourages full -price sales...

        38.[K] While these are honorable schemes ,it makes it harder for Burberry to defend these latest figures . Fifteen years ago,Burberry was at criis point as their signature check pattern was widely imitated by cheap ,imitation brands ..

        39.[E]In an online forum post ,which asked if it's true that Louis Vuitton burned its bags,Ahmed Bouchfaa,who claimed to work for Louis Vuitton , responded that the brand holds sales of old stock for staff members twice ayear....

        40.[L]Bina believes that brands need to re address their exclusivitytactic.“Exclusivity elf is being to be challenged ,"she says."I think that goes hand in hand with how luxury its challenged ....

        41.[D] A source ,who chose to remain anonymous , shared her experience working in a Burberty store in New York inC October 2016.“My job was to toss items in boxes so they could besent to be burned.

        42.[F] Richemont ,who owns several luxury brands ,hit the headlines in May for taking back 437 million of watchesfor destruction in the last two years to avoid markeddown price It's not just luxury brands either . .

        43.[J] One such partnership is with Elvis&Kresse,anaccessories brand working with Reclaimed materials .Co- founder KresseWesling said,“Late last year we launched an Ambitious five - year partner ship with the Burberry Found ation.

        44.[A] Last week ,Burberry's annualreport revealed that 28.6 million worth of stock was burnt last year . The news has let investors and consumers outraged but comes as little surprise to those in the fashion industry .

        45.[H] In September 2016, Burberry switched to a" see now,buy now"catwalk show format. The move was a switch to leverage on the coverage of their fashion weeks how to make stock available immediately to consumers .


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