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      Asking Questions

      Most of the time, the person interviewing you will ask if you have any questions. It is important that you ask intelligent and relevant questions. Make sure you prepare some questions before you interview so you can learn more about the company and the position. Here is a small list of questions you can ask. Feel free to create more of your own.

      "Do you have any questions?"

      "Does this job usually lead to other positions at the company?"
      "Tell me some of the skills that you want in a candidate for this position."
      "What are the people I'll be working with like?"
      "What do you like the most about this company and why?"

      "How is this company doing in comparison with competitors?"
      "I know of products x and y, does the company plan to introduce any new products?"
      "What is the company doing to maintain its market strength?"
      "How many employees work for this company?"

      "What has been the company's layoff history in recent years?"
      "Do you know of any anticipated cutbacks in any departments in the near future?"
      "What major problems has the company recently faced?"
      "What type of training do you provide here?"

      "What do you like best about this company?"
      "What position title will I be reporting to?"
      "What other departments does this department work closely with?"
      "What kind of training should I expect?"

      "How long is the training program?"
      "How did this position become available?"
      "Is a written job description available?"
      "Please describe a typical day for this position."

      "How long has this position been available?"
      "How many candidates have you interviewed for this position?"
      "How many total candidates will you be interviewing for this position?"
      "Do you interview a large number of people before making an offer to a person, or do you make an offer to the first person who is qualified?"

      "What type of hardware and software will I be working with?"
      "What will my workstation be like? Will it be an office, a cubicle, or a desk?"
      "What opportunities for advancement are available here?"


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