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      2022-05-18如何推銷自我How to Sell Yourself

      The opening sentence of our pitch1 is our most important. And too many of us are getting it wrong.自我推銷的開場... [查看全文]


        She said that space has never changed its environment or lowered its threshold because... [查看全文]


      1. Choose a major solely based on money1. 盲目追求高收入專業The mistake happens when you're choosing a major s... [查看全文]


      1.Remember These Four Words記住這四個詞Be positive, principled, pro-active, and productive.樂觀,講原則,主動,高效2.Disco... [查看全文]


      We're all familiar with the feeling that the emails we sent must have been sucked into some black hole beca... [查看全文]


      1.Negotiate in person1.面談加薪事宜Studies that have shown that you are six times more likely to achieve your goal... [查看全文]


      In our modern world, everyone is looking to do things faster, better, smarter, so it's no wonder that produc... [查看全文]


      I just graduated and my job offer has fallen through — now what?我剛畢業,我的工作邀請落空了——現在該怎么辦?I am a... [查看全文]


      Job satisfaction is important for living a (relatively) stress free life as we spend most of our time at workpl... [查看全文]


      There are several types of difficult people at work; a difficult coworker can be the slow one, or the overly p... [查看全文]

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